A Refined Vision

For months, I have been refining my vision for this space, carefully considering every detail of where my passions and talents lie and how I might leverage them to serve others. A planner through and through, it is all too easy for me to get pulled into the vicious cycle of anticipation, fear, and procrastination. So this morning I decided it was finally time—to take a deep breath and make the leap.

••• Refined Vision •••

A lifelong lover of all things artsy and conscious, I have shifted the direction of Goodall Creative to be a space focused on contemporary art for the good of all—a reflection of my desire to cultivate and inspire a lifestyle rooted in purposeful exploration and expression.

The mission of Goodall Creative remains the same—to empower others on their conscious and creative path—but now within the spectrum of contemporary art. While I will continue to emphasize female artists and the female spirit, I am also expanding my focus on feminism to encompass creative works and endeavors that support gender equality more universally.

As this space grows, you will find insights and musings on meaningful works and their makers; on creating with a conscience and within limits; on art in activism and therapy; on invisible art and the everyday; on creative nourishment; and more.

••• New Offerings •••

To further support the mission of Goodall Creative, today I am launching an array of comprehensive services within professional writing, editorial writing, and coaching. While the professional and editorial writing is intended for artists, arts organizations, and arts-minded publications, the coaching is intended for anyone, because we are all on a conscious and creative path of some kind—you included.

For an idea of my new offerings, take a look here.

Now to make things official and get some elegant letterpress business cards printed.

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