A Year of Letter Writing

February is InCoWriMo (International Correspondence Writing Month), a challenge to write a letter daily. It can be a lengthy letter or a simple note or postcard, but it must be written by hand.

While there are still a couple days left in the month, I can already express how worthwhile this challenge has been. A lifelong advocate of all things snail mail, I am intentional about sending letters to loved ones on special occasions, from my adventures, and sometimes just because. But I have never written a letter daily for a month, and it is by no means easy. In fact, I will admit that my life is a bit busy these days and I indeed fell behind (and have been catching up).

Participating in InCoWriMo, despite my hectic schedule, has reminded me of the simplicity and significance in sharing one’s thoughts, dreams, joys, and struggles with nothing more than pen and paper. Doing so encourages a sense of self, creates connection, and promotes mindfulness. And there is a tangibility and timelessness to writing by hand that cannot be achieved through digital means. It truly is our presence on paper.

••• 52 Prompts •••

During this challenge, I created and shared letter writing prompts to inspire my own practice and that of others. As an extension of that, I have created 52 prompts for a year of letter writing, which can be downloaded by signing up for my biweekly newsletter. Here, you’ll find a preview:

  1. Tell a woman in your life how she has encouraged + empowered you.
  2. Share a childhood story of yourself that is totally you, even today.
  3. Remind a dear friend about a time you laughed uncontrollably together.
  4. Share one of your favorite maxims + how it inspires or grounds you.
  5. Give a young woman the advice you would have given your younger self.
  6. Share the story of a meaningful adventure + how it has shaped you.
  7. Tell someone about something they taught you that you’ve never forgotten.
  8. Write a love letter to a stranger (and leave it somewhere to be found by a passerby).
  9. Write a love letter to yourself (and keep it in your handbag).
  10. Tell someone how thoughtful their seemingly small gesture felt.

NOTE to Current Subscribers: You can receive the download by clicking the “Update Your Profile” link at the bottom of the newsletter email and simply inputting your same contact information. This will then trigger a confirmation page with the download. Unfortunately, my tech savvy is not beyond this workaround just yet.

Who will you write today?

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