Goodall Creative is a space focused on contemporary art for the good of all—a reflection of my desire to cultivate and inspire a lifestyle rooted in purposeful exploration and expression.

Through an array of insights, musings, and freelance offerings, the mission of Goodall Creative is to empower others on their conscious and creative path. Within the spectrum of contemporary art, you will find content on meaningful works and their makers; on creating with a conscience and within limits; on art in activism and therapy; on invisible art and the everyday; on creative nourishment; and more.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I am a nomad at heart. As someone who values the tangible but craves a life on the road, I am continually looking for ways to adapt my creative practice without forsaking my need to work with my hands. Sometimes this simply means writing by hand, other times this means collecting ephemera and composing tiny collage art.

My heart is bursting with ideas for Goodall Creative. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.


Jessica Goodall
MA in Writing