Cheryl Strayed on the Creative Process

Ever since I stumbled upon Tiny Beautiful Things a couple years ago, I have been in love with the words and wisdom of Cheryl Strayed. As a female and a creative, I find her compassionate perspective, curious spirit, and introspective nature to be empowering.

Several months ago, I watched this interview hosted by Marie Forleo, and I was left feeling inspired to be gentler with my creative self. While this interview is filled with countless nuggets of wisdom, the one that resonated most with me was the bit on binge writing. It was relieving to hear that a successful writer not only wrote sporadically, but also deliberately allowed herself the space in between to rest from writing. Rather than see the gaps in our creative practice as a failure, we can choose to be intentional and understanding about where those gaps occur and how we use them. And then when the time to create comes around again, we are better able to dig deep and produce meaningful work.

As you watch this interview, I hope you, too, are inspired to be gentler with your creative self.

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