Cycle of the Seasons

With my life in the midst of many changes, I felt inspired to share this simple yet reflective poem written by my 14-year-old self. This poem is a reminder of the writer I have always been, of the awareness I have always sought, and of the beauty I have always found in the acceptance of what is and the potential of what could be.

••• Cycle of the Seasons •••

Outside in my garden
A single rose blooms,
As dew drips from its petals
of such vibrant hue.
The sun begins to rise
As morning birds sing,
A harmonious song
For the season of spring.

Outside in my garden
The rose fully bloomed,
More beautiful than ever
Under the sun of noon.
Hot air and clear skies
Full of busy buzzing bees,
While the little rose dances
Gently in the summer breeze.

Outside in my garden
Petals begin to fall,
From the rose that was once
The most gorgeous of all.
Leaves of many colors
Cascade from the sky,
While the rose weeps lower
Its time coming to die.

Outside in my garden
Snowflakes fall,
To make a soft bed
For the rose to lay its head.
The cold winter is here
And the rose’s life done,
Another rose waiting
For springtime to come.

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