Slowing Down

It’s been a year since I launched Goodall Creative and this space has encouraged me to create more consistently than I would have without it. While my insecure and perfectionistic self sometimes wonders where this is all going and if it will go anywhere at all, my ambitious and optimistic self knows that this year and its lessons have all been a part of my creative process and progress.

At the end of the month, I will be moving to Portland, Oregon, and settling down for a bit. While a nomad at heart, there is also a part of me that craves the community, consistency, and comfort found in a stationary lifestyle. My spirit is a whimsical one, and I like it that way. But right now it is yearning for balance, slowness, groundedness.

As I embark on the second year of Goodall Creative and the inevitable inspiration of summer, I want to be mindful of how I cultivate my life and this space. Something I have been reminded of this past year is my overwhelming desire to work with my hands, to live simply and deeply, to create authentically and with focused precision. And while I am grateful for the benefits of technology, I have also been reminded of my need to use it sparingly and with purpose.

That said, I will be spending the summer growing my vision for this space—the hopeful outcome a balance between all that is meaningful to me in the tangible, palpable, and digital worlds.

••• Ideas for Slow Living •••

To celebrate the anniversary of Goodall Creative and my intention for this next phase, I’ve curated a list of my favorite posts on slow and mindful living:

What rituals and practices help you slow down?


  1. Jessica,

    Congratulations on the anniversary of Goodall Creative! In my short time following you I’ve learned a lot and come to appreciate your slower approach to the world, taking into consideration many of the things you’ve recommended as I live my own life. (Somehow I’d missed the post on simplifying when I flipped through your work initially. I just read that one now and some of those suggestions will be tried forthwith! I think packing just a carry on will be my crowning achievement!)

    Anyway, to slow down only the mind I usually turn to a nice long run. To slow down my mind and body, I turn to my garden. I find the deliberateness of caring for plants therapeutic and aligning. Have you done a post on growing your own food and/or maintaining a garden that I might have missed?

    Congrats again; I look forward to the next years of Goodall wisdom.

    – Brandon

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Brandon! 🙂 It’s encouraging to hear how my writings have impacted you and I look forward to hearing about your future adventures in carry-on-only travel.

      While I do not proclaim myself to be a runner, I have dabbled in interval running/walking and can see how running slows you down and creates a sense of focus. And while my nomadic ways have hindered me from having a garden, I do look forward to at least planting an indoor herb garden in my space in Portland and reaping the “therapeutic and aligning” benefits of which you speak. I will absolutely have to document my experience on Goodall Creative.

      I look forward to the next years of your insightful comments!

      Kind regards,

  2. Exciting days ahead! The idea that you will be across the river is exciting for me; once you get settled, let’s go have Thai in Sellwood and catch up, face-to-face. Nice thing about Portland…you can take it as slowly as you want and that’s got to be exciting for you as you live purposefully. Take care, safe travels, and blessings.

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