Work with Me

As both a creator and patron of the arts, it is always a meaningful experience to help artists, arts organizations, and arts-focused projects or initiatives promote their creative work and mission.

Whether you need something lightly proofread, heavily edited, or written from the ground up, I provide a range of writing services to bring your vision to reality. And because there is more to effective communication than polished writing alone, I also provide a range of supportive services—such as transcription, research, interviewing, layout design, website setup, and content integration.

Below are some of the projects I would be delighted to help you with:

  • website content
  • blog posts + newsletters
  • press releases + media kits
  • invitations + marketing materials
  • internal communications
  • member + donor communications
  • governance board materials
  • grant proposals
  • artist statements + curriculum vitae
  • brochures + educational content
  • collection blurbs
  • museum wall captions
  • exhibition catalogs

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My Experience

For more than a decade, I have refined my writing and design expertise through a variety of jobs, volunteer projects, life events, creative practices, and higher education (I hold both a BA + MA in Writing). Even as a little girl, I used to carry a journal and pencil everywhere I went.

Additionally, my relentless curiosity has honed my skills in researching; my commitment to activism has strengthened my skills in collaboration and positive education; and my love of travel and people has further developed my skills in networking, interviewing, and storytelling. 

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